Tatweer was established in 2006 under the name of Rawabi Communications and Information Technology. The name was changed to this name. During the course of the company, it took over many of the infrastructure projects of the Saudi Telecom Company and many other sectors, both governmental and private. ISO certification and specialized companies in its field, especially in the areas of technical support and implementation of infrastructure in the field of telecommunications and its diverse technologies with the company to keep up with everything new in the world of renewable communications and developed RAR Tatweer Modern provides many telecom companies and network service providers with the necessary technical skills from the workforce with experience and competence in the fields of communications and information technology through the branch of operation of the term.

Professional values

TDIC is committed to the highest standards of business ethics, integration, best management practices and transparency in the management of the company. The workforce of TDIC is the vital asset of the company and its human resources are managed, developed and trained according to best performance practices based on training and development policies and programs To keep pace with the rapid development of the world of communications and information technology.

Organizational Structure of Modern Development Company

Focus areas of our business

Satellite solutions for information transfer and the provision of modern technology throughout the work and provide basic integration across terrestrial networks as well as satellites and platforms across the various applications and programs required

Our Services